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Agile Consulting and Project Management

Whether your team uses traditional project management, is a fully Agile team - or anywhere in between - we can help. For traditional projects, we can help to identify where Agile practices may enhance your team’s performance, while still providing the comfort to the business of traditional project management artefacts.

Agile Coaching

For teams who are transitioning to Agile, we can help to evaluate the stage of that transition and coach the team through becoming fully Agile using the methodologies, tools and techniques that best suit that team.

Training Services

We can provide bespoke training in technical practices (such as TDD), Agile processes, and Communication skills for your team to enhance performance, based on our 'deliberate practice' approach used in our popular dojos, the London Code Dojo and the London Comms Dojo.

Passionate about Performance

At Agile Environment, we bring tailored Agile approaches to product and services delivery for our clients, helping improve delivery to their customers, enhance their teams' working environments and creating lasting value. We provide Agile project management, Agile coaching, consulting and training services to help teams perform better in a dynamic and changing environment, allowing them to give their clients better value and higher performance.

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@sleepyfox'If everyone had to think outside the box, maybe it was the box that needed fixing.' -- Malcolm Gladwell on McKinsey and Enron

@yogacat13@anthonycgreen @cgosimon, I wish people would focus on ideas rather than the labels people put on them.

@sleepyfoxRT @KevlinHenney A common fallacy is to assume authors of incomprehensible code will somehow be able to express themselves lucidly and clearly in comments.

@yogacat13Agile coach as batman? Always be batman. #agileev @arrowsgrouprec

@sleepyfox@Podgeypoos79 I'd also recommend Lewis's 'Large Limits' paper for the underlying theory, here: cc @duarte_vasco


The Agile Manifesto - where it all began, essential reading Link

“Rework”, by Jason Fried and David Heinmeier Hansson - change the way you work forever Amazon

"The Leader's Guide to Radical Management", Stephen Denning - not so much a book on Agile as a book on how Agile and similar management styles are revolutionising the modern workplace - applicable to almost any business, not just IT. Amazon

"The Lean Startup", Eric Ries Describes an innovative new way of designing products based upon the Scientific Method and gathering real data from paying customers; so revolutionary and considered so important that GE now has every new employee read it. Amazon